LUXURY BOX BY LaboratoriOrafo

By combining ancient goldsmith artisan techniques with modern technologies, LaboratoriOrafo translates your ideas and passions into unique creations.

Collectible minerals and furnishing accessories.
Clutch mounting

Precious and semi-precious gems: directly from the mines, raw and cut, certified by the best gemological institutes in the world: (GIA, IGI, HRD, GUBELIN, SSEF).
They can be assembled or become investment assets (private or corporate).

Restoration of antique jewels.
Insertion of precious details on leather accessories and clothing.


By forging a classic material such as gold, with sophisticated and unusual techniques, we create timeless jewels, to be handed down. Both based on the customer's design and on a creative proposal.


Raw minerals for collection or furnishing accessories.
Clutch mounting service


Once the stone has arrived from the mine and has been cut, we go to the discovery and search for the perfect yield. We study together with the customer a design that satisfies the aesthetic sense through combinations, choices of workmanship and style that enhance the qualities of the stones, their shapes and colors.


Not a simple purchase, but a CREATIVE EXPERIENCE and an INVESTMENT TO HAND DOWN. LaboratoriOrafo thanks to the collaboration with gemologists, active in every continent, guarantees the evaluation of a rough gem by analyzing its hidden potential, the dreams it contains,
on the indications of nature that guide the intuitions of expert cutters.